About Flower

Flower is an unofficial, fan-created, non-profit network for legitimate arcade rhythm games in Europe, run for the benefit of players around the globe.

  • We are non-profit by nature - the network is completely, 100%, free to join and participate in for both location owners1 and players, and we will never, ever charge any fees.
  • Locations are free to use any legitimate title they own, within reason2.
  • We are not a replacement for any official equivalent, where available: we are providing this service purely because there is simply no support for these titles whatsoever in this region. If this situation changes, we will reconsider our position.

The location provides the cabinet and the game - we provide the network - the player enjoys the game.

1: Free, but not open: location / arcade registration is by curated invitation only. 2: We will not support any title that, as a team, we consider would bring the network into disrepute.

Flower offers both you and your players a number of significant benefits to running offline, including:

  • Score and progress persistence across credits, cabinets, and our worldwide locations.
  • An electronic credit system (called Petals) for titles that support it, if you'd like it.
  • Customisation options, including skins, game settings, and more.
  • Detailed gameplay tracking via our responsive web interface, so your players can see their improvement (and their rivals!)
  • A useful dashboard exclusively for location operators with information like regular players, play counts, and more.
The titles we support include:
  • Konami™'s BEMANI line, including:
    • beatmania IIDX 20 tricoro or newer
    • Beatstream any version
    • DanceDanceRevolution X or newer
    • DanceEvolution ARCADE
    • Future TomTom ver.2
    • GITADORA Tri-Boost Re:EVOLVE or newer
    • GuitarFreaks & DrumMania V6 to V8
    • jubeat saucer or newer
    • MÚSECA 1+1/2
    • NOSTALGIA (ノスタルジア) any version
    • pop'n music 21 Sunny Park or newer
    • REFLEC BEAT VOLZZA or newer
    • Sound Voltex III GRAVITY WARS or newer
    • ... and more, depending on demand
  • Other Konami™ things:
    • Bishi Bashi Channel
    • PASELI Charging Machine
    • SCOTTO
We have a basic set of requests that we expect all locations to follow. In summary, these are as follows:
  • This network is currently for Europe, the Middle East, the African Continent, Canada, and Oceania only. We will not (at present) review any location from outside this region.
  • The cabinet a game is running on should be as legitimate as possible. This includes things like the PCB, dongles, HDDs, gameplay controls, decals, et al. We do not accept hand-made cabinets with real hardware or real cabinets with your laptop plugged in.
  • Secondary to the above, this service is not designed to enable piracy. Just because you've got a legitimate cab doesn't mean you can magically run newer data that you don't own.
  • You will also need a set of card readers for your cabinet - most titles will refuse to connect without these.

If you feel like you'd be a good fit, please send us a message at arcades@projectflower.eu. Include some details on who you are, where your location is (ideally with an address and website), and what titles you have. If we're interested, you'll hear back from us in due course. Thank you!